Letter Press


Team: Charlotte and Claudia

The letter we chose out of Bachelor of Creative Enterprise was the letter B.

We used the font Asphalt which was chosen by Charlotte.

Our team decided foam would be our preferred material to use, this was decided after

consulting Ben, who recommended foam over wood bending as our font was better suited

to a more flexible material.

We worked through our process in a series of steps from Thursday to Monday to complete

our project ahead of the due date.

Step one: Being taught by Jimmy how to use the hotwire after deciding to use foam.

Step Two: Enlarging our letter b from an A6 size to an A4.

Step Three: Cutting out said image.

Step Four: Pinning said image to square piece of foam in preparation to cut.

Step Five: Briefing with Kennedy on our plan and idea of a final result. Him turning the

power on.

Step Six: Testing out Claudia’s unknown skills on the foam by doing a small practice piece,

under the supervision of Kennedy.

Step Seven: Cutting the letter out of the foam with the hotwire, done by Claudia.

Step Eight: Having Kennedy drill two holes (using two different drill bits) into the letter to

create the negative space of the font.

Step Nine: Turning off the hotwire, removing it from the hook, threading the wire through

the negative space of the letter and re-hooking it. Then turning it back on to cut out the

negative space. This particular process was completed twice.

Step Ten: Tracing the texture of the letter on to the foam (this texture is the small green

indents you can see on the front of the letter.)

Step Eleven: Sourcing our two chosen colours. Each person found one colour, Claudia

Marine Blue and Charlotte Dizzy Lizzy Green.

Step Twelve: Painting six coats of blue and three coats of green over the space of a few


Step Thirteen: Painting the negative space inside the letter and using a sewing needle to

paint the indents in our letter green as well.

Step Fourteen: Combining Pictures and notes, finalizing typing and proof-reading, uploading

to WordPress.

We felt like our process worked well and we worked well as a tem to complete the task. In

hindsight, it would have been nice to have our letter even larger than we made it, to make

the shapes in the sides easier to cut and also more effective in viewing.


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