Photoshop Blending

During Creative technologies we learnt to blend images using Photoshop. To explain this from a beginners point of view, this is where you take two or more images and merge them together, then playing around with hue and saturation and colour until you've done something visually appealing to yourself. Each student was given the same… Continue reading Photoshop Blending


Aperture Photography

Week two in Creative Technologies was about learning the basics of a DSLR camera. During our class we were put into small groups and given the task of taking four photos in aperture mode. Two of these photos needed to be in large aperture mode and the other two in small aperture mode. The two… Continue reading Aperture Photography

Letter Press

  Team: Charlotte and Claudia The letter we chose out of Bachelor of Creative Enterprise was the letter B. We used the font Asphalt which was chosen by Charlotte. Our team decided foam would be our preferred material to use, this was decided after consulting Ben, who recommended foam over wood bending as our font… Continue reading Letter Press